Rachel’s getting married

My sister Rachel is getting married in three weeks. She’s 33, is a gorgeous 5’11” brunette who finally found her manly man: Kyle. He hunts and sells land in northern Minnesota. They met on match two years ago. They’d both been in serious relationships and longed to find love, their person, and start a family. Suddenly they have each other. To me their relationship is like a wave that has it’s own power, it’s own tide. It’s carrying them away, into the vast waters of their new life together.

It’s a surreal moment for our family. My own marriage to Justin eleven years ago feels like an eternity ago. Since then we’ve moved from city to city, had two pregnancies, a *minimum* of nine jobs, six homes and one child. Rachel has been there every step of the way. Bridal showers, the wedding, baby showers, the birth, birthday parties, baptisms, my work fundraisers… a lot. Including of course the bachelorette party she threw me.

Now it’s my turn. It’s my turn to show up for her and celebrate this new chapter in her life. And it amazes me because it’s as if overnight she’s blossomed into a fiance – this woman, early thirties, who knows what she wants, is no longer governed by my mom and dad, or her older sibling, and is striking out on her own. Watching her is enchanting. My once lanky, awkward, shy, rebellious little sister is transforming into a sophisticated woman, with a life and head of her own.

It’s taking me by surprise. I’m realizing my family wasn’t carved in stone. Our roles and dynamics are changing.  Next they’ll buy a house, try for a baby, and the spotlight will permanently move off of me and Justin to both our families. I feel like that first born child adjusting to the new baby all over again. It’s refreshing, surprising and an adjustment all at once. And a reminder that life continually has the ability to create itself. Around any corner we can regenerate, change, sprout something new.

So Saturday I threw her bachelorette party. It was truly one of my favorite experiences of my life: planning it, experiencing it, now reflecting on it. We did some of the best activities you can do in Minneapolis in January. We glazed pottery, ice skated, bowled, went out on the town.

February 11th is four weeks from Saturday. I have lots of feelings and emotions swirling around. And many, many family memories. Happy ones… hard ones. Mostly, I feel so much joy for Rachel and Kyle, am in awe of this trans-formative change in my family. Something that’s greatly affecting us all. Today, I’m glad that we evolve. And I can only imagine what the next chapter – chapters – will bring.





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