Family of three living in Minneapolis. I’m a fundraiser, Justin is a hotel manager, Brynn is two and a half.

We both say we’re from Duluth. Though growing up, both our families lived in various Midwest states and cities: North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Bismark, Grand Forks, Minot, Eau Claire, Cleghorn, Minneapolis, Duluth. We got married in 2005, moved to Minneapolis in 2013, and had our daughter a year later. As of this writing, we’re getting set to buy a house, and to make the Twin Cities our permanent home.


As I age, I’m becoming more interested in the family culture I grew up in. My mom’s a nurse, my dad a journalist, and later in life they’ve both become missionaries. I had a strict Lutheran upbringing spending every Sunday morning in an old wood pew reciting the Lord’s prayer and trying to pluck out the harmonies of church hymns. The Norwegian heritage of my grandparents and great grandparents lives on in my family with lutefisk and lefse at Christmas. My parent’s home is in Duluth, and feels, sounds and smells like a cabin in the woods.


I hope that by closely examining my own traditions and cultures, it will help others celebrate the unique traditions and cultures of others.